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All the projects in developing countries are prepared and monitored in Italy.

But it's not only a planning and organizing activity: we test and participate in commissions, committees and groups, we respond to local and international calls and we promote (usually with other related organizations) awareness-raising events.


8-19/11/10 Participation at the Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste - Venice 2010.

About 600 participants including teachers , researchers, students of energy from biomass industry.
Our volunteer Michela Mazzoccoli presented the report " EFFECTIVE LOCAL SOLUTIONS FOR EXTRACTION AND ENERGYEXPLOITATION OF PALM OIL " ( linked to the palm oil project in Guinea Bissau ) and the poster "VEGETABLE OILS FOR ENERGY SELFSUFFICIENCY AND BETTER LIVING CONDITIONS IN RURAL COMMUNITIES" (related to jatropha and Perù ).


3/11/10 Constitution of the Consortium SpeRA
16 Ligurian ONLUS have formed a voluntary association called Consortium SpeRA ( Solidarity, Projects and Resources for Africa). The new formed association aims to exchange experiences and knowledge among members and achieve better results through a stronger unified reality. Our President Filippo Pongiglione is one of the SpeRA councillor.


4-9/04/10 Meeting in Genoa with the University Santo Toribio - Ciclayo – Perù
Carrying out the program of cooperation activated with DICAT (University of Genoa ) and the peruvian University of Santo Toribio Ciclayo , started with the initiative Mondialogo (see below), a professor and a graduate of peruvian university have been guest in Genoa in order to share exchange experiences and to start a coordinated trial plant-based fuels in diesel engine ( PS76 project 012 ).


10/11/09 Won the prize of "Mondialogo" UNESCO-DAIMLER
UNESCO has awarded the Mondialogo prize to the DICAT ( University of Genoa ), and other guinean and peruvian partners of the project , for the palm oil t echnologies studied and applied by PS76. UNESCO gave us also the community award for being the most voted on the website , complete with a handshake of Hamilton ( McLaren) and a hat with his signature . (see powerpoint presented to the prize - giving).




17/10/09 Stand - up – “Do the right thing!” - 2nd edition
Second edition of the initiative. PS76 outlined and explained, during the demonstration in Piazza S. Lorenzo , a type of solar oven like the ones made in Ethiopia (see Project 024). Also this year we have involved several city schools.



March - June 2009 Training sessions before the workshop in Ethiopia
Along with “Engineering without Borders” and with the support of “Architecture for Humanity”, we held six training sessions, attended by about twenty students and graduates in Engineering or Architecture , among which were then chosen 13 who participated at the workshop in Ethiopia in august. Subject matter of the meetings and workshops : how to do technology with poor materials ( see details of the project 024 ).



Year 2009 Experiments on engine fed by palm oil
In preparation for the project 012 for the use of environmentally friendly plant-based fuels in Africa , it has been installed in Genoa, at the factory of one of our supporters, a specially adapted oil palm engine . The installation and the tests continued throughout the year , especially with the active participation of a young volunteer , who has used it as the subject of his mechanical engineering thesis (see interim report on tests carried out ).





18/12/08 Celivo - Confidustria Award for innovative experiences of social partnership 2008
With a local company and with DICAT, was presented to Celivo and Confidustria a partnership project between operators in North and South for the utilise of PKS ( Palm Kernel Shell ), winning the first prize with an other NGO of Genoa (see press contribution award ).



18/10/08 Stand-up - "Do the right thing!" - 1st edition
The participation of the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Solidarity initiatives culminated in the manifestation “Stand-up - "Do the right thing!" in Piazza S. Lorenzo; the event was preceded by an interesting involvement of three local secondary schools, that have created three occasions of "stand up" around schools, raising awareness among families in return.



October 2008 Agreements with Universities

With the Department of Architecture ( DSA) was signed an agreement for a commitment to collaborate in the fields of poor materials and technologies, where DSA is providing full assistance for research , training of trainers , and for practical implementation in the countries where PS76 operates .
With the Engineering Department of Construction , Environment and Spatial Planning ( DICAT) the agreement provides for the scientific cooperation initiatives of the Department with PS76 , like the participation for public funding.


1/7/07 Italy - Africa Festival at Genoa Expo

It continued the participation at the Italy - Africa Committee , which was an important moment of open up to the society. At the Genoa Expo the afternoon of July 1 , we exposed our little booth, we made future plans , a brief speech from the stage and we met many people. 




February-May 2007 Raising awareness to the problem of world poverty

As part of the exhibition of the 8 Goals against World Poverty, organized with the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Solidarity, were held two meetings: 1) in february at the Technical Institute "Meucci", with whom we have also took further contacts to raise awareness among students and to possibly involve them in mechanical designs in Guinea Bissau; 2) Galliera Hospital, where he took contact with an NGO of volunteer doctors, working in a different area from our, but with the same spirit.


Christmas 2006 Participating to the campaign “Italian fair trade rice”

The campaigne was promoted by Komera Rwanda association, which we are actively collaborating with. Volunteers worked in the Rovasenda rice fields, in the province of Vercelli (VC), where one of our partners was heavily involved in producing rice of high quality. All earning was assigned to projects in development, including some of our projects.





16-23/09/06 Exhibition of the millennium objectives and second Italy-Africa conference

Those two events were organized by the board of “Justice and Solidarity” and the Italy-Africa committee of Genoa, respectively. Our association provided documentation of its activities, contributing to exhibition displays and room set up.


20/06/06 – project 016 From cooperation development to the development of fair trade

International volunteers training course presented for funding at the Celivo (Genoa) with MPU, CLMC, Seniores Italia.


19/11/05 Involvement in the Italy-Africa conference, promoted by the Genoa's municipality

Also, on this occasion the association joined the Italy-Africa Genoa's committee, sharing its documentation on substandard technologies.


05/07/05 Wake in memory of the G8 commitments in Genoa

Our association is a member of the Genoa's coordination of the board of “Justice and Solidarity”. The board was promoted by Caritas and Focsiv to support the millennium objectives, which were aiming to halve world poverty by 2015.

The first event organized by PS76 in this area was the wake in memory of the G8 objectives in Genoa, carried out on the 05/07. It was an event for reflection and proposals for the future.